Help to 50/50 HoM, much like the help to GWAMM thread

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Help to 50/50 HoM, much like the help to GWAMM thread

Post by Lucia Devorantem on Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:18 pm

My idea behid this thread, is to have the same purpose as the GWAMM thread, but to tie in accountwide interaction between guildies, and to bring in some events, as on the events page, titles with the GWAMM help, and maxing your HoM for gw2. Tell me what ya'll think, I am not sure about this one, it may be too much of a long shot to do.

Mini Pet Monument:
-Can help farm/teach farm

Hero/Pet Monument:
-Can help obtain heroes
• Anton
• Razah
• Zenmai
• Keiran Thackeray
• Any others
-Can help obtain pets
• Black Widow
• Black Moa
• Imperial Phoenix

Title/Achievement Monument:
-Elite areas:
• Urgoz
• Deep
• UW
• FoW
• SF
• DoA
-Buyable titles:
• Can help farm/teach farm
-Regular titles:
• Refer to the title discussion page, then to the "Help to GWAMM" topic

Armor Monument:
- Can help farm/teach farm

Weapons Monument:
-Destroyer Weps:
• Can help farm/teach farm
• HoS runs for supplies
-Torm Weps:
• DoA runs/ SC's
• Can help farm/teach farm
-Opp Weps:
• Help in WiK
• Can help farm/teach farm

**If you need any of the above, or something else not mentioned, use this thread as a portal to HoM maximization, form groups, and ask for help, there will be most of the time another person needing the same thing.**
Lucia Devorantem
Lucia Devorantem

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Re: Help to 50/50 HoM, much like the help to GWAMM thread

Post by Sir K E V on Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:56 pm

I'm sure this will help alot of people that may need some assistance with their HoM. If anyone has ideas if we should change anything let us know Smile
Sir K E V
Sir K E V
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Champion of the [emd]

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