Urgoz Builds and Guide

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Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by GhostKairi on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:43 pm

Right, so i figured, lets do some Urgoz. For now this build will be intended for NM usage until we get pretty good at knowing what spawns where etc. Cons will proberly be required for the bonders unless we decide to try out IMBA for Coj Razz All builds are subject to other proffesions playing them as too get as many people doing it as possible.

Bonder X2:

Burning Speed
Ether Renewal
Infuse Health
Aura Of Restoration
Elemental Lord (Kurzick/Luxon Skill)
Life Bond
Protective Bond
Balthazars Spirit

Your job is just to keep bonds on everyone, especially the tank. If someone drops there bonds, they should ping there name and you will re-bond them, unless your good enough to see and rebond them Smile Need 2 of these cause of Enchant Cap. May be switched for 2 imbas possibly.

SF Tank:

Deadly Paradox (Switch if running Assassin Primary)
Shadow Form
Shroud Of Distress
Deaths Charge
Shadow Sanctuary (Kurzick/Luxon Skill)
Armor Of Earth
Mental Block

You will have to ball up mobs before spike best as you can. Hopefully you will eventually learn Spawnss to make best ball Smile Thats pretty much it really.

MoP Caller:

Aura Of The Lich
Mark Of Pain
By Ural's Hammer
Signet Of Lost Souls (Kurzick/Luxon Skill)
Weaken Armor
Consume Corpse
Air Of Superiority

Can be played by any class with enough Energy. You will call targets once the ball is finished. Use Consume Corpse to open gate in Room 3. Get minions to minimise damage taken from the team.

HB Spiker XAs many as will fit:

To The Limit
Hundred Blades
Whirlwind Attack
Sun And Moon Slash
For Great Justice
Air Of Superiority
Ebon Escape

Can be played by any profession but Warrior is prefered so you can run Deaths Charge instead of having to Ebon Escape onto the tank. Follow Callers targets. Once a target is called Ebon Escape to the Tank and press "T", then For Great Justice, To The Limit, Hundred Blades, Whirlwind Attack, Sun and Moon Slash. AoS should be kept up frequently. May be switched out for other spikers depending on people available and popular demand Smile

UA Healer and HB Healer:

Last 3 skills and the 4th skill on both bars are the same, feel free to swap them for something you feel is better.
UA (Prot):
Unyielding Aura
Shield Of Absorbtion
Auspicious Incartation
Heal Other
Paitent Spirit
Jamei's Gaze ( I think? )

HB (Heal):
Healer's Boon
Cure Hex
Spotless Soul
Healling Ribbon

Pretty simple, keep team alive. Shouldnt be too hard with Bonders/Imbas. HB could POSSIBLE be swapped out for another healer, UA is pretty essential.


Painful Bond
Signet Of Spirit's
Blood Song
Agony (Could be swapped for Vampirism)
Spirit Siphon (Energy source)
Edge Of Extinction (A MUST)

This is preferably run by a Rit primary, but Ranger is fine too. Optional slot could be Armor of Unfeeling or Boon Of Creation, on a sacrifice of a few less points in Communing.
Throughout Urgoz you will just provide additional support to the team, but at the end, you will be the SOLE killer of Urgoz. You will need to place Edge Of Extinction just so it affects Urgoz. When the Explosive Growths that he spawns die, it will trigger EoE on Urgoz. Everyone will be running around like mad with the Bonders staying back (If taken) and the healers button mashing to keep up with 12 players health bars. If you leave, we resign, so please make sure you have enough time for this spot.

There are 2 Spots optional for more defense or more offense. These will be decided at the time of formation. ( 2 Bonders+1 Tank+1 Caller+3 Spikers+2 Monks+1 EoE =10 Team Members)

A few musts for the team:
--At certain points in Urgoz's Warren you will need to keep one person back behind a door so we can progress. Make sure you listen to the leader of the team on who will stay back.
--If the tank says stay or wait, its proberly best to listen, his going to ball groups.
--Theres not much i can or anyone can do (Unless they have more money then me) do about the cost of cons. You will make the money back on a successful run anyhow plus lots of fun and kurzick faction.
--This MAY not work. Considering all factors such as, its NM, we have like million armor with everyone bonded/IMBA, it proberly wont fail, but it might, if it does, we will test what works and what doesnt.
--WE NEED PEOPLE TO DO THIS. Its not a must that you come to Urgoz, but we need 12 people, and it is a hell of a lot fun playing through Urgoz.

I know this isnt the best guide in the world, but ill work on it, if theres enough intrest.

Ill proberly write one for FoW and a general dungeon team. But dont expect UW or DoA, its very hard to explain what to do in these for a balanced team. May do The Deep too, but its dirty luxon scum.

Best Regards, Kairi Sleep

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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by Sir K E V on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:56 pm

I will Imba in Urgoz if you need me. If we dont have enough healers I have 2 rit resto builds I can bring. A BiP necro works pretty well here. Also a Ranger with EoE and Splinter Barrage is great. We will just have to see what happens.
Sir K E V
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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by Dromar on Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:09 pm

From experience of doing urgoz this is the best team set up I have seen. Srry if its a little sloppy

1 SF tank
1 SoS secondary tank(will have to main tank if there is no SF) - Make sure to not have to high spawning power so the mobs don't ignore the spirits and go after the group. Use spirits to body block mobs that get away from the perma and ball them up and have the spikers take them down. Standard spirit spammer build with no painful bond. If the SoS is the main tank use corners/walls/doorways to body block and ball enemies up for the spike.
1-2 UA Monks - Standard UA build(sometimes its nice to have 2 in case 1 has connection problems).
1-2 HB Monks - Stanard HB build with Arcane Mimicry. 1 if using E/Mo bonder
2 E/mo Bonder - Standard ER bond build.
1 BiP necro - http://www.gwpvx.com/User:Dr4goN/N-P_1hp_BiP <-- this is a good start for an urgoz bip but needs some tweeking. expect to die many times(lulz 1 hp what u expect).
1 Imbagon - If not running bonder. Standard Imbagon build
2-3 Splinter/Barrage - 2 need eoe in case 1 D/Cs. Should have vampiric/zealous bows for dmg and nrg management if bip sucks. can bring FW if spikes are fast and SF/SoS balls them good. dont use FW at urgoz. u can go full splinter barrage for maximum ownage if 5 are available but at least 2 should be present. R/Rt barragers should have 12 in channeling magic(seen so many with 10 >.>) since all the dmg comes from splinter. 8/9 in marksmanship depending on the req on your bow.
1-3 Arcane Echo Caster Spikers - Searing Flames, Esurge and VoR are best to prevent scatter but RoJ + SH can be used if options are limited.
100b - can be done with MoP nuker but spikes have to be coordinated. perma must use EBSoH for optional slot. a high EV rank is also nice on the perma.

I have done successful HM urgoz runs with these builds except 100b. Obviously theres more than 12 here but a mixture of them can work. This can be done without bonders as well if group is good enough

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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by Sir K E V on Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:20 pm

Ok Dromar I think if we can get some people to do this, we can have alot of successful Urgoz runs Cool
Sir K E V
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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by Eszter on Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:37 am

I always loved Urgoz and I can come with any Rit. builds, so if you have Urgoz run in mind, I'll come gladly Smile
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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by II Vanquish II on Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:05 am

I'm in (my time zone is GMT+1). I guess I'll hear it when you guys are planning on going.
II Vanquish II

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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

Post by faded again on Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:23 am

Did a HM run Saturday. It was basically a random grp.

I played a SS nec, with Mop, barbs, shadow of fear, enfeebling blood,necrosis, PS and aegis.

We had two guys that tanked kinda, but not really tank builds.

There was no balling and spiking.

It tooks us like 2.5 hrs, but it was fun and we made it fairy easy.

I would like to try the ball and spike method, but I need to learn spawns.

faded again
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Re: Urgoz Builds and Guide

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